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Technology, Culture and Mixed Reality
TRATOO: a new approach to tourism.

Through the use of advanced GPS tracking and augmented reality, TRATOO allows the creation of tailor-made tourist itineraries. The service platform originated from the Never Stop project.

Features made for you

Personalized itineraries

TRATOO will allow tourists to create tailor-made thematic itineraries in the city according to their desires (tourist route, food and wine, fashion and / or design)


The service platform will be available in several languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Simple & clean user interface

TRATOO will be available on all Android and iOs devices and is easy to access, use and understand.

Advanced GPS system

TRATOO is built with an advanced proprietary GPS tracking and detailed mapping system with an accurate and foolproof route.

Video presentation of principal historical monuments

TRATOO allows users to watch and listen to the history of the historic monument.

Augmented Reality & 360° Media Gallery

TRATOO will have a section dedicated to the 360° multimedia gallery in augmented reality that explains the main features of the monument, building or artwork.

Mixed Reality Experience

Mixed Reality Experience
When the user arrives near a mapped tourist site, he/she will be able to access an augmented reality section that will identify the monument and tell its history and features.

Arts cities to discover

We began to unfold the story of Milan and in the course of the year 2021 we also look forward to narrate the story of Florence, Rome and Naples.

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