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comes to Bologna!

With the support of the second round of funding, users of the TRATOO service platform will have the opportunity to explore Bologna through thematic tourist itineraries specifically designed to promote sustainable, low-impact tourism.

Our platform is distinguished by the integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality, which will enrich the tourism experience by offering new ways of interaction and facilitating the promotion of local businesses.

TRATOO is accessible free of charge for all tourists and aspires to serve as a catalyst for the creation of service networks in the tourism sector.


  • Minimize environmental impact by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing resource waste through the accuracy of geolocation in the guided route and the adoption of walking tour routes;
  • Actively involve the local community, environmental organizations and local authorities to ensure that the project is in line with the European Union’s environmental and sustainable development policies;
  • Promote themed tourist routes focused on art, culture, nature, gastronomy and sports, with the aim of enhancing and preserving the environmental and cultural resources of the Bologna area.


  • Provide an extremely accurate tool from the point of view of GPS detection and satellite triangulation methods;
  • Enable AR-assisted tours of the city of Bologna, so that even tourists who are less familiar with architecture can correctly identify buildings of interest;
  • Enable tourists to benefit from multimedia presentations that make use of Mixed Reality techniques, with the aim of making the most of the selected tourist route;
  • Create pre-constructed routes in the city of Bologna, based on specific themes, in order to enhance artistic-cultural themes, while dedicating a section to gender equality;
  • Enable the people of Bologna to place their businesses on the platform using techniques of AR, VR and Mixed Reality, so as to promote not only the area, but also local products.

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